Love your writing, Magda.

It’s so interesting to travel along with you on this journey and read your experiences and insights. I love the way you “see” and respect your brood and then describe it to us. Phrases like, “Putting life on hold to Hold Life”┬ácaptures the moment for us.

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home again

One last message for my blog. thank you all for traveling along with me and following as well as all your kind comments. it felt good to hear all your support along the way. thank you friends who took care of Maddie for me which was not an easy job. I returned home to find my garage door would not go up my computer crashed and my Canon camera needs to be repaired or replaced. it was still journey of a lifetime one I will never forget. I so enjoyed my fellow artists and wonderful teacher and feel eternally grateful for the experience.
I’ve already been out in the garden watering and weeding before the dreaded heat of the day. now for my big mug of coffee WITH cream…the French do so many things well…but they’re not into coffee with cream.


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kippy, our wonderful “mom” as Joy calls her



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more photos of show




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last morning

one thing I will not miss is technology issues. it is 5:30 AM can’t sleep because I have to get to the airport this morning and I’m afraid if I go back to sleep I won’t wake up to finish packing. I just wrote the longest entry to my blog and after all my effort the page disappeared. This will probably be less interesting as I said it all before, These last two weeks have been so wonderful. Margaret has been such a generous teacher spending so much time with each one of us pushing us to be our best. “Will this make some stop and look a little longer?” “it’s never too late to redraw!” As Maria said, this was a master class. everyone worked so hard and was so serious about the skills. the reception last night was evidence of that,each one of us having a ton of work to display. it was a sight to behold. I spent a lot of time on the last blog. The one that was deleted..talking about the group of artists I shared this experience with..I can’t say it all again.. but I so appreciated their company. I was fortunate to get such a wonderful roommate Joy, well named and I shared many stories and many laughs. I hope our paths cross again. our last day before the reception we took a long walk along the countryside. hopefully this will not disappear and I can add some photos before I finish packing and begin my journey home.


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